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With years of experience in Study Abroad consultancy along with educating, IELTS Prep Dehradun part of Universities Crest provides the best IELTS coaching in Dehradun. IELTS Exam is one of the most fundamentally recognised English language tests conducted by IDP, the British Council, and Cambridge English. The IELTS test is considered an important prerequisite for admission into international education institutions. 

So, here at IELTS Prep we mentor and teach our students in the best way possible, helping them get their desired band score in the first go. We aim to make learning fun while introducing practical learning so that our students can get the concepts faster and understand them better. All the strategies, expert tips and applicable concepts will be taught in our IELTS Classes in Dehradun.

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What is the curriculum of the IELTS Course in Dehradun?

The curriculum taught in our IELTS course in Dehradun is meticulously designed and regularly revised in compliance with the British Council, Cambridge English, and IDP the organising institutions of the IELTS exam. Our expert coaches will train students to master all four IELTS Modules, i.e. Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. We focus on teaching students a practical approach to analysing their learning. We conduct weekly mock tests and other practical-based tests covering each module of the exam in depth. Read below for details about the four IELTS exam modules.

IELTS Reading

In IELTS Reading Module the candidates must read and comprehend the three passages. Then answer the asked 40 questions based on them. These passages are taken from journals, books or any other print media. The passages given might be descriptive, factual, or analytical and are drawn from newspapers, research publications, journals, novels, and even magazines. The General Training reading exam is easier than the Academic reading test.

IELTS Writing

The IELTS Writing module comprises two tasks: In Task 1 – Report Writing for IELTS Academic aspirants and Letter Writing for IELTS General training aspirants with a minimum word count of 150 words. Task 2- Essay Writing with a minimum word count of 250 words. A total of 60 minutes is given to candidates for completing this module.

IELTS Listening

The IELTS Listening module is divided into 4 parts with a total of 40 questions altogether. Audio will be played once and then the candidates are expected to listen to it carefully and then answer the questions. The debate in the first two sections centres on social needs, whereas the final two are clearly linked to education. The listening part with go for approximately 30 minutes. After that, an additional 10 minutes is given to the candidate for answering the questions in the answer sheet. 

IELTS Speaking

A candidate’s English speaking skills are evaluated in the IELTS Speaking test, which has three parts. The speaking portion of the test takes around 13 to 15 minutes. It is a face-to-face interview to assess the general English-speaking ability of a candidate. The assessment is based on four parameters—fluency, coherence, vocabulary range, grammatical correctness, and pronunciation.

At IELTS Prep, IELTS Coaching in Dehradun, you will be taught and prepared for every module in detail. 

What are the prerequisites to enrol in our IELTS coaching in Dehradun?

To enrol in our IELTS Institutions in Dehradun, there are few requirements or qualifying requirements. Additionally, students should be aware that IELTS is a requirement for anyone wishing to study, in an English-speaking nation. The qualifying requirements for enrolling in our IELTS coaching programmes in Dehradun are listed below.

  • The company’s policy states that course costs must be paid on time. The preference will go to those with bachelor’s degrees.
  • To study in the UK, Canada, US, Australia, or New Zealand, applicants must be older than 16 years old.
  • Students must have attended institutions with an English language programme.
  • The preference will go to those with bachelor’s degrees.
  • 10+2 must be the required minimum academic level.

Since our eligibility requirements are based on the IELTS requirements, enrolling in our IELTS institute in Dehradun signifies that you have met the requirements for the IELTS exam. As a result, once you enrol with IELTS Prep, you won’t have to worry about the exam procedure. As our executive staff will walk you through every step, including registration, choosing an exam day and location, choosing a date for the speaking test, preparing your documents, etc.

What are the batch details, timings, and duration of the upcoming IELTS course at IELTS Prep, the best IELTS Coaching in Dehradun?

At IELTS Prep, we offer IELTS training in Dehradun in several batches allowing the students to select the batch based on their time flexibility. These classes can be taken in both online, and offline mode at a fee that is affordable for most students.

IELTS Batch Type
Batch Start Date
Batch Timings
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Regular Class
15 November
Flexible (9:30am-5:30pm)
Online Class
20 November
Crash Course
20 November
Regular Class
25 November
Regular Class
1 December
Regular Class
10 December

And the best thing about our IELTS Coaching in Dehradun, we give the freedom, to a student to customize a course based on their time flexibility and requirements.

7 reasons why you should enrol for IELTS Coaching at IELTS Prep Dehradun

Despite the fact that there are other institutions, many students prefer the IELTS Prep IELTS Coaching centre in Dehradun for the course. Seven reasons are listed below as to why a student should enrol at IELTS Prep as opposed to other institutions.

  1. IELTS classes in Dehradun are taught by a group of highly qualified instructors. Reading, writing, speaking, listening, and other modules are areas in which our trainers excel.
  2. We offer hundreds of practice tests and mock IELTS exams.
  3. According to the most recent IELTS syllabus, we provide students with the latest study resources in the form of brief pamphlets, pen drives, and books.
  4. We have agreements with more than 150 universities and institutions in Canada and the US, where our students are frequently admitted at a reasonable price.
  5. We offer both IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training candidates specialised training. Separate batches will participate in this training.
  6. We provide hands-on instruction for each of the four test modules—listening, reading, writing, and speaking. For each of these particular parts, we have a different trainer.
  7. We provide private instruction (if needed and if available). Otherwise, our batches often only have a few students.

Modes for IELTS Coaching classes, at IELTS Prep Dehradun

Online IELTS Classes

For convenience and advantage of the students, IELTS Prep has increased the IELTS coaching online. With strong score records, our online classes provide the topmost guidance in the city. As a result, you can join us with confidence and benefit from it.

Offline IELTS Classes

If you are training with IELTS Prep passing IELTS is now simpler than ever. With the help of the IELTS specialists' guidance, you can get your desired score. To sign up for the classroom IELTS training, contact us.

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